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Particularly to anyone with an interest in technology and how things work generally there are some good interesting links on here, believe me !

Terrestrial transmission page of “arquiva” (spx). They bought out the transmission arm of NTL, who bought the ex ITV (IBA) transmitters in 1997. Also bought out National Grid Wireless in Sept 2009.

Arquiva (spx) are not one of my favourite companies.

First, they refused to tell me what the radiation patterns were for their transmitters. I say bring back the days when the - helpful - BBC and IBA owned the transmitters.

Second, I heard that when a photographer (taking pics for MB21) was

shown round one of their sites by contractors working there, they handed

out official warnings that such helpfulness wouldn`t be tolerated. They should learn something about Health & Safety Bollocks, and public relations.


Third, they`re illiterate.  Wolfbane`s UK TV reception page.

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TV Related  B.A.R.B (TV programme viewing figures)  Radio Listeners Guide and Television Viewers Guide.  Manufacturers of those great little component testers.

                               (They`re pretty good actually, we`ve got two of them !)

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Technical (other)  Where the power comes from.....   And how it gets there......  Electronics information / formula / data.

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Other  Very handy site telling you which area codes and 5 figure numbers .  Canal World (Forum)  Keep Britain Tidy........ (there`s a clue in the name)

www.20s plenty for  Though even 20mph is too fast for the road I live on…..  Bing maps = Ordnance Survey (the original and best)  Converting grid references to postcodes etc   Met Office UK weather anomalies   Ahh !  So electricity can be cheaper than bottled gas !  UK Free TV transmitter locations   Full alphabetical list of TV, FM & DAB transmitters

www.screenonline  Colour Television Chronology

www.a516digital  Info on digital transmissions

The “Office for Communications” site. The information for industry pages are probably most relevant for TV reception issues, including :

pre DSO TV frequencies,

Post DSO frequencies (complete freq - Excel s/sheet, updated Jul 13)

Ofcom transmitter location maps

The second best aerials website in the country,  

and it`s also based in Sheffield !  

“Brake” the road safety charity.

Be careful on the roads, they`re dangerous.

Better 10 minutes late in this life..................

....................than 10 years early in the next.   “Keep it down old son......”  Get out, and explore !

Marvellous site telling you how much of a “Rip Off”  0870 numbers are and how you can sometimes get round them.

British railways : train seat legroom

If you`ve found this site informative and, hopefully, interesting as well,

please help us increase the number of people reading it.

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Calling all bean poles ! How some of the train companies are nicking your legroom, and the people who think that`s fine  ! ? !  

TV and Radio transmission and reception site including :

Transmitter Gallery”, Transmitter maps and All the transmitters.

Also see : Transmitter Reminiscences and BBC Research & Development Reports (full list of)  BBC reception advice website, includes a basic reception predictor for TV, DAB, FM, MW & LW. (but basically, it`s not as good as it used to be.....)


Everything about motorways, including all the openings.

As I`ve got a bit older I`ve rather gone off driving (too many cars on the road, of which far too many are driven by aggressive wazzocks), but this site is fascinating, particularly for those of us with a slightly autistic interest in dates.

Taylor`s of Oldham : RF transmission and reception, plus specialists in distribution systems for large buildings etc.  Digital Spy`s Freeview “technical” forum.

As an aside, National Grid Wireless were the other half of the privatised transmission networks but sold out to Arquiva (sic) in Sept 2009. NGW had themselves bought out Crown Castle in 2004. Crown Castle originally purchased the ex BBC transmitters when the transmission network was privatised in 1997. NGW probably weren`t any better than Arquiva (sic), but at least they

can spell.

The Digital TV Group, a site to promote Digital TV. They`re not going to like this site much are they ?  Not that I care, I`m a Yorkshireman so I`ll tell it how it is !  The technical info was at  but now they they just direct you to the Ofcom website (see above).......

Digital UK have some useful info, also see Regional Transmitters (set on Yorkshire but the others are available via drop down menu), very useful. The latter also has the launch dates of all the new MUXES, interesting to those with mild autistic tendencies, such as myself (and most other men…..).

Try the postcode predictor of digital reception (tick “detailed view”), but the predictor is a start, and not necessarily a finish....

TV & Radio : Aerials & Reception etc

TV/Radio reception

TV related

Technical (other)


I invite other similar websites to set up reciprocal links with us but emphasise they must be of similar content, ideally RF reception but if not then generally technical. The salient point being is it a site I or my readers might be interested in ? Could webmasters of sites not conforming to these criteria please save their time and mine by not requesting a reciprocal link.

Thank you and goodnight.

To be frank I`m not a big You Tube fan, but for anyone with the slightest interest in engineering or railways, this film of the building from scratch of a Princess Royal class steam loco is fantastic.

(Building) 6207 : A Study in Steel

Links are listed under the following sections :  BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997. Give that man (Martin Ellen) a medal.