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Latest Additions

There’s not much is being added at the moment because massive amounts of time are being consumed transferring the site to a “mobile friendly” platform (though the present site is fine on a mobile in “Landscape” anyway…..). This is because Google have proved beyond doubt that content is not actually the most important thing on a website by dropping this site way down the rankings.

The new version of the site should appear around December.

DUK postcode checker gets dumbed down (shite)

Clarified CHs of Reading & Basingstoke local stations from Hannington

Updated 700MHz clearance info

True movies on Local MUX from 27 June 19

DM Log clamp plates now spun galvanised

Updated (post 700MHz) French TX frequencies

New product : Heavy duty flat roof mounting kit

Reorganised page list

Shortened “Latest Additions” page ( ! )

Spin galvanising

New product : Collinear antenna mounting plate

Finally found some decent quality F conn fly leads !

New product : Hot dip galv / stainless low profile brackets

Bill Wright`s instructions on installing a chimney lash kit

FM / DAB aerial reports reorganised

Installing brackets on metal clad buildings

The awkward “off the wall” stay wire

Testing the calibration of a torque wrench

Sleeving an 8ft x 1.5” pole into a 12ft scaffold pole to make an 18ft pole

Double poles : are they a bodge ?

How strong are scaffold poles ?

New product : 12ft and 20ft extra heavy duty “scaffold” poles

New product : 2 inch to 1.25 inch pole coupler

Mux Magician economy Tri Boom on test

Our Twinsat cable is Low Smoke & Fumes (I didn`t even know ! )

New product : M8 stainless nut & bolt kit

Using a splitter as  a combiner

Yet another aerial guy who thinks he`s witty

New product : Sky Q LNB

New product : 12x12 & 12x18 heavy duty wall brackets

Log36 (pre-wired) v Yagi18K

When installing Log Periodic aerials

How strong is 20mm x 20mm x 2.0mm box section alloy ?

New product : 20mm x 20mm box section alloy

Emley Moor temporary mast, first picture

Low profile wall brackets now available with stainless bolts

Customer report of lost channels from a daisy chained TV system

Reflectorless aerials on canal boats…….

Article on diplexing a group A & E aerial (written and hosted by a customer)

Crystal Palace page updated for MUX 7 & 8 move

Main digital transmitters updated for 700MHz clearance

New product : Long 2” V bolts (stainless)

Elimination of “touch currents” by earth bonding

Sky supplied I/O links low on output ?

Post 700MHz transmitter channels released

10mm x 80mm wall plugs

How to clamp a 2” pole to a 3x3 post

Postscript on postcode predictors poor performance (alliterative genius…)

Line power and aerial corrosion

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