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Caption Competition

We`re always interested to see pictures sent in by our readers, though we can`t publish many,  I`ve already got a huge backlog of my own I`m working through !  Some, however, cry out for publicity, so in Summer 2011 we held a Caption Competition with one from Andy Sillence.

Initially only the winner was due a prize (£50 of aerial gear or £100 to one of our nominated charities) but I was so impressed with the standard of entries that we decided to award three runners up prizes as well. Each of the runners up had the choice of £20 worth of aerial stuff or £40 donated to one of our nominated charities :

Macmillan Cancer Support            Oxfam           Inland Waterways Association

Arthritis Research             War Memorials Trust

Thanks to the generosity of our winners Macmillan Cancer Care,

Oxfam, and Arthritis Research received £40 each.

The winning entries (and commended runners up) are listed below.

Bacofoil TV aerial on a station buffet

The Winner !

I`ll have an ITV2, a BBC3, and a couple of poppadoms please.

Allan Jones

Runners Up

British Rail regret to announce cancellation of all TV services from this station.

Graham Thompson

TV aerial, currently attached to a sign, seeks a new direction in life. Would prefer a good reliable TV signal with no previous obstructions.

Rob "the satman" Evans

I said point it at the TV station, not the railway station !

C Andrews


Ming (the DIY Chinese restaurant owner) tests mind control waves on BR passengers.

D Thickett

Channel hopping ? More like channel hoping.......

Rob "the satman" Evans

Poor reception as ticket prices go through the roof.

S Earp

Phone Hacking Scandal !  

News International desperately try to stop people from watching the news.

C Andrews

British Rail gets new 3D logo.

Graham Thompson

Chinese takeaway orders a 48" stand off wall bracket from E Bay.

Dave Hewitt RF Electronics

Owing to signal failure British Rail regret to inform you of a delay in reception at this station.

P Bevan

It`s useless, its ugly, and now we don`t have any foil left to wrap the food.

What next ? Cling film windows ?

James Rowland

No sign of a signal here.......

Clive Douglas

British Fail.

Ian Denness

Rashid !  What did you do with the fishbones !

Mac McManmon

We only seem to get one station on our telly ! ? !

Keith Norfolk

The Indians shouldn`t have got the Cowboys in.......

Steve Hayes

Hey Murphy !  When you reported a faulty signal, exactly which one did you say it was ?

Sheila Wilson

Early results indicate that the radio controlled light bulb system is workable.

John Rodgers

The aerial will cost 33% less if you let us know 7 days in advance that you`ll be collecting it during off peak hours.

Rob "the satman" Evans

Station attenuation.

R Robin

And finally, a mischievous entry from my brother in law :

I didn`t think ATV worked down in Newbury......

If you`ve found this site informative and, hopefully, interesting as well,

please help us increase the number of people reading it.

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